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How to Make Multichannel Marketing Work for Your Business

Updated: Feb 14

Do you struggle with where to spend your advertising dollars? Are you confused by marketing lingo and jargon? Have you ever wished for a turnkey way to execute a marketing plan that works? Let Yellow Pages take care of your marketing, so you can get back to running your business.

To ease the marketing confusion for busy SMB owners, YP now offers a new advertising program that takes the complexity out of promoting your products and services. The focus is on building advertising campaigns that combine elements of search engine marketing, digital display and social media advertising in ways that most effectively achieve your business objectives.

What is multichannel marketing?

“Multichannel marketing is the ability to simplify the purchasing of digital media for small- to medium-sized businesses by allowing you to take a single budget and get onto multiple platforms that you would traditionally have had to buy separately,” says John Melo, Sales Director at Yellow Pages.

By first determining your business goals, and using industry and advertising platform data, YP can now work with a single budget, optimizing it for multiple platforms. This ensures the budget is invested to yield the best return, based on the advertising objectives. For search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, that’s usually on Google and Bing, while social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are top performers.

How effective is multichannel marketing?

“The effectiveness is based on the goals,” John explains. “Different platforms have different attributes to achieve goals better than others. Some are better at brands, some are better at conversion, some are better at generating clicks and some at generating phone calls. We factor all that intelligence into allocating the advertiser’s budgets to the different platforms,” he says. “It’s personalized to your business.”According to John, the biggest benefit to the multichannel model is simplicity. Traditionally, SMBs had to decide for themselves which platforms to advertise on. Now, they get the best return with one single buy. “We simplify the process,” he says. “Instead of having to educate yourself on all these different areas and decide which one to invest in, we do it for you, making recommendations on which platforms will work best for your particular industry.

How much does multichannel marketing cost?

To make this new offer available to as many SMBs as possible, investments start at $300 per month and, in theory, there’s no cap. “We’re able to take whatever budget and spend it as wisely as possible,” John says.

Results are tracked, with tweaks and adjustments helping to optimize the campaign. These can include changing budgets between platforms, adding or deleting a platform from the overall strategy, and interpreting the data to get the best outcome throughout the life of the program.“YP takes that complexity away and makes it simple for businesses to purchase media,” Melo says. “We take the guesswork out of the equation and deliver the results advertisers are looking for.”

Looking for a turnkey solution to simplify your marketing efforts? Call 1-877-553-6883 for a free consultation with a Yellow Pages Media Account Consultants.



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